Excel Shortcuts can make the work process much more efficient. You can do this with just a shortcut when you need six-seven clicks on your mouse. Besides, you don’t need to use your mouse very often.

Let’s go through all the excel keyboard shortcuts in every category.

[Note: All the shortcuts are for the Windows user]

Basic Excel Shortcuts

Here are all the hotkeys and shortcuts in excel, and I categorized them based on usage.

Shortcuts to Navigate

To go to the following/next excel worksheet: Ctrl + PgDn

To go to the previous excel worksheet: Ctrl + PgUp

Go to the next open workbook: Ctrl + Tab

Go to the A1 cell or top-left of the column: Ctrl + Home

Go to the corners (Top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left) of a table range: Ctrl + . (dot)

If you want to stay in the same cell you just edited: Ctrl + Enter

Edit a cell/edit mode of a cell shortcut: F2

Context Menu of the selected cell or cells / Alternative of the right click of the mouse: Shift + F1

To Open a Certain Box

Data validation excel shortcut: Alt + A + V + V

Name manager in excel shortcut: Ctrl + F3 or Alt + M + N

Open the theme colors tab in excel shortcut: Alt + H + H

Open the Print tab in excel shortcut: Ctrl + P or Ctrl + F2

Opening the Custom Margins tab in excel shortcut key: Alt + P + M + A

Open the Name manager tab shortcut: Ctrl + F3

Open the “Go To” tab/box: F5

Open the Macro tab: Alt + F8

To Show, Hide, Delete Something

Show and Hide the gridline in excel from the view ribbon shortcut: Alt + P + VG

Remove and show the gridline in excel from the Page Layout ribbon shortcut: Alt + W + VG

Add gridlines in the excel chart shortcut: Alt + JC + A + G + H/V/Z/M/S/E/Y/N

Show formulas in the current worksheet: CTRL + ~

Hide the Columns containing the cells you selected: Ctrl + 0

Hide the Rows containing the cells you selected: Ctrl + 9

Adding or Removing a Filter shortcut: Ctrl+ Shift + L

Delete the rows/columns: Ctrl + – (Minus)

Select Something

Select all cells in an excel worksheet shortcut: Ctrl + A or Ctrl + A + A

Select the columns of the selected cell: Ctrl + Space

Select the rows of the selected cell: Shift + Space

Select the precedent or dependent cells of the selected cell (Must be a formula inserted in the selected cell): Ctrl + [ or Ctrl + ]

Make, Insert, Enable, Fix or Adjust Something

Enabling the print gridlines option in excel: Ctrl + P + PG

Column height tab shortcut key: Alt + H + O + H

Row width tab keyboard shortcut excel: Alt + H + O + W

“Create From Selection” shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + F3

Make a copy or Duplicate a graph or chart shortcut: Ctrl + D

Insert or Create a table shortcut: Ctrl + T

To insert a new row or column shortcut (Select the entire row or column first): Control + Shift + + (plus)

Recalculate all the formulas in the current excel worksheet shortcut: Shift + F9

Recalculate all the formulas in the open excel workbooks shortcut: F9

To make or insert an array formula: Ctrl + Shift + Enter

Make an existing formula into an array formula: F2 + Ctrl + Shift + Enter

To enter today’s date: Ctrl + ;